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Investor Newsletters are a cost-effective way to market your company to investors and keep them up to date with your company’s progress. Setting up these lists is simple and cheap.

Format using Microsoft Outlook or Express (lets you apply fairly complex HTML effects), anything more complex you may want to out-source to a design firm. 

How to source content-

Comb: Comb through your existing sources of news and info on your company through surveys, press releases, industry research reports, internal newsletters, sales brochures, trade magazines and websites, etc

Call: Contact people within your company that may have something interesting to share…consider doing a Q&A of your employees or senior managers where you ask about their role within the company or projects they’re currently working on. Call industry experts or consultants to learn about any new research they’re conducting in your industry.

Collect: Collect things that land on your desk. This could be things like earnings releases, investor presentations, speeches, news releases, etc. This should be the core of your newsletter, It should include quotes and testimonials from internal and external sources. 

Newsletters should ideally be every two weeks, and should at least be quarterly. But don’t sacrifice quality for frequency.

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