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It is clear that strategic targeting leads to better message reception, better engagement, and higher conversion rates. One question that often comes up is whether the targeting should be narrowed down or be capturing a broad audience.

It’s no question that both strategies have their merits. Your natural instinct, especially if you’re running a B2B campaign, probably tells you that targeting should be narrow. The more fine-tuned the targeting is, we think, the higher the conversion rate will be. However, hyper targeting can limit your reach significantly. Your rate of response might be higher, but our goal is to fill your funnel with hundreds of leads, and the bigger our lead list, the more likely that is to happen.

However, you’re busy. Taking the time to qualify unfit leads and have meetings with people that have nothing to do with your industry can be a waste of time. Though we do not want to be hyper targeting, we do want to be narrow-enough that a large chunk of your leads are in your specific industry as they are more likely to see value in your service or product offering.

Taking all of this into account, it is also important to remember that every stage of fundraising is different. You may benefit from a broader approach when you’re at the beginning of your round, but see a more direct influx of connections by having a hyper targeted list when you’re 75-80% done with your round.

Additionally, your industry, size, experience, and your specific goals will play a huge role in the audience selection and sizing process…but ideally, there is a sweet spot between hyper targeting and a “spray and pray” approach. We will work with you 1-1 to ensure that we are hitting that sweet spot.

Just remember that refinement and improvement is an ongoing process. It may take a few iterations to see the exact results we are seeking. 

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