Following up after an initial call is extremely important since it’s essentially the difference between reaching the next stage with an investor or having your efforts fall through. Whether you’re just starting out in the lead generation process or having blocks in your funnel, a good follow-up email can do wonders for you.


If you’re not quite sure how to follow up and what to include, here are a few golden rules that help make following up consistent and easy.


Mastering the follow up email

In your follow up email, your aim is to recap your meeting, restate your value, and set a follow up meeting. Here are the 5 key points your email needs to cover:

  • Recap your meeting

A 1-2 line recap of the highlights will suffice, just to serve as a little reminder and prime them for the rest of your email.

  • Lead with value

Restate your value and remind them of why they can benefit from working with you. Remember, the idea is to create value around you and your brand in a non-promotional way at the start to get them in the right frame of mind.

  • Remind them what you do

Keep this informative, rather than promotional, it’s just a short reminder of what you’re offering.

  • Tell them why they should care

This is where you’ll need to craft a few lines that demonstrate what their investment in you could accomplish and what you can do for them. The idea is to get them invested in your mission and have them excited to do a follow up meeting.

  • Set up a follow up meeting

Suggest setting up a day/time to talk again, you can provide some options to make it easier to schedule moving forward.


The first few follow-up emails might feel awkward, but it does get easier. Once you get into the rhythm of writing these messages, it’ll start to flow naturally. During this time, it’s also important to track your follow-up activity and keep internal notes on conversations with potential investors. Even if the feedback is negative, don’t take it too seriously. Negative feedback is still useful and it can be a driver for positive change if you take it as a learning experience.

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