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One of the biggest factors that determines whether people will accept your connection request is your LinkedIn profile.

Here is a helpful resource that will analyze and score your LinkedIn profile

Analyze, Score, & Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Below are some things you may want to include/update on your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Add a pleasing & professional headshot: A picture is worth a thousand words. Please add a picture of yourself to your profile.
  2. Add a cover photo: Speak to your audience with your cover photo. Think about what you’re trying to convey. Public speaking photos almost always work very well, and they establish you as an expert in your field. Are you targeting people in San Francisco? Consider the background with the Golden Gate Bridge.
  3. Write an effective profile headline:The space below your name and your profile picture is where your headline appears. It’s the first thing the viewer looks at when they land on your profile page. LinkedIn gives you a total of 120 characters to fill this space, so use it very wisely. Use these lines to describe the benefit of connecting with the viewer. You can research how other successful people in your profession and industry write their profile headline and build upon it. 
  4. Write a compelling profile summary: Your summary is the 3rd most important part of your profile. Thus, consider it as a free space that LinkedIn is providing you for selling yourself.  Again, please research some effective summaries.
  5. Privacy settings: Can everyone see your full name? Set profile viewing options to your name and headline. You can make these changes in your LinkedIn privacy settings.
  6. Company Logo: The company you are currently working at needs to have a logo/ branded company page that is linked to from your profile

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