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The#1 way that you will be able to get investment using Newchip Connect is through referrals. Your goal should be to add as many potential investors to your contacts list as possible and referrals are a fantastic way to do this. 

Being able to get warm intros into someone’s network is key. But this is only likely to happen after you’ve built trust with them. For this reason, your key focus should be on building relationships. 

Getting referrals from the leads we provide should be one of your main goals during your Newchip Connect campaign. This is because investors are significantly more likely to invest in a company that was referred to them by a friend.

This can also lead to the “2 for 1 deal” we described in the Newchip Connect module. When someone refers you to their friend and they invest, that makes them much more likely to invest as well, getting you a 2 for 1 investment deal.

Remember that although these referrals are not the people we put you in contact with, doesn’t mean they deserve any less of your attention. They are actually more likely to invest than the person you initially connected with, so you should be following up with them extra carefully and just as often (if not more) as with the leads we set you up with.

Lastly, you should also try to capture referrals from people who respond that they are not in your industry. Though they may not be, because of the way we do the targeting, they are very likely to know someone who does invest in your industry.

Remember, see value in everyone!

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