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Having timely and accurate follow ups are key to building a relationship of trust with potential investors. Here are some tools that will help you track your progress (though all of these resources also have many other features that can prove useful to you in your fundraising journey):






Excel-style spreadsheets

*Partner Resources for Your Startup: if you are a part of the Newchip Accelerator, you have special access/credits to these programs (you can learn more in Module 1 of your Accelerator course)

Do not lose leads because you forgot to take notes or record the continuum of your interactions with each contact. Indeed, it is a numbers game,but numbers do mean something, so always track and measure what you invest any of your time into.

An additional extra useful elements thing to track would be positive and negative feedback you get at each stage. This could help you identify blockers not just with your Newchip Connect campaign but even with your pitch and beyond.

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